Open iOS 'Native Alert' and 'UIWebview' window with Unity Only

After searching and reading I have seen solutions for getting a Native Alert window on an iOS device to appear, but with Xcode (eg

Does anyone have a solution that I can build and run from solely within Unity (C# or uJS) to open a Native Alert window and have it return a boolean?

This is another question, but I would like to be able to do the same for a UIWebView window to open solely from within Unity. I have seen solutions for getting a cocoa script to run simultaneously, then use PlayerPrefs to pass a url to the cocoa script (this is a little beyond my level…

Even to find out if either of these is not possible from within Unity and scripts alone, and/or in Unity alone with plugins (Prime31, etc)?

(apologies for 2 questions, but my thought was to rather be told make another qn rather than having a qn closed for being almost duplicate =] )

Unity does not have these calls built into their engine, so in short, the answer is no, you cannot do this from Unity directly. You’re trying to make native calls without making a plug-in for said native calls. Even when you purchase a Prime31 plug-in, he has post process scripts to automatically integrate his obj-c/c headers and files into XCode, basically automating most of the process.