[OPEN TEST] Introducing Amplify Painter - Experimental

Hello everyone,

Here at Amplify Creations we strive to create tools that make the process of developing beautiful games as easy and fun as possible. With that in mind, we started developing a brand new tool which we think many of you will enjoy working with.

We’re happy to announce our latest plugin, Amplify Painter. This is a painting tool which lets you instantly paint objects in Unity and see the results on the fly over the engine’s pipeline and lighting conditions.

We still have a long way to go, Amplify Painter is still in experimental stages. It's very important to us that it grows and shapes up around our community’s collective wisdom. Your feedback is key during this stage so we’re launching this experimental version completely FREE.

The reason we decided to work on our own texture painting tool, with so many already in the market, is because we have our own vision of where texture painting tools are heading, and Unity integration is imperative. As such, this build represents only a fraction of what we actually intend this tool to become in the long term. We are merely laying the foundations of what’s to come.

Be part of the evolution. Tell us what you like or dislike. What you need. If you’re a seasoned artist, your feedback is paramount. Help us steer this ship in the right direction.


Here’s a sneak peek of what this build can and can’t do. It's important to note that almost anything can, and most likely will, change based on your feedback.

Current features:

  • Painter/Eraser Tool
  • Configurable brush with pen support
  • Create custom channels
  • Channel auto-configuration for standard surface materials
  • Multiple layers per channel

  • Create

  • Destroy

  • Reorder

  • Per-channel layer control

  • Smart Fill layers

  • Textures

  • Shaders (Amplify Shader Editor recommended)

  • Paint on multiple views

  • Scene

  • Custom 3D

  • Custom 2D

Coming soon:

  • Undo
  • Amplify Painter asset save/load; this asset will store all your layers in a non-destructive manner - you’ll have to export/import results as textures for now.

Known issues:

  • General painting performance issues in some situations.
  • Pen pressure currently not supported in OSX.


  • Requires Unity 2019.1

Manual and Tutorials: Amplify Wiki

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Looks good. I guess you have feels about graphine or something. In any case we'll give it a try, why not. No voxel sculpting though ? :)

Great work guys! Next UV Wrap Un Wrap simplified please.

add expanding padding color on UV island ASAP :smile:
great job too the more reason to not switch app, the better, just copy substance, also add a bake option to ampliphy node shader to generate texture!!!!

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Looks like a pretty damn good start. :smile:
Does it have symmetry?

Nice i have been looking for one of these for a while now. Will this support texture painting to an object? something similar to terrain painting?

Thanks! Graphine?
No sculpting for now but we're going to post additional details about our upcoming features soon. Let us know if you have any requests, we want to shape this tool based on what the community needs.

Thanks! That would be very handy for Unity created Assets.

Padding will definitely help!

You can actually drag shader onto smart fill layers and bake them into the textures; it's still a bit rough but I think you can see the possibilities ;)

Thanks! Not yet but it's coming, we have A LOT planned for it.

Awesome! Yes, it's a texture authoring tool, you can paint directly into on your object and export the resulting textures for use with any shader; no terrains for now.

Keep the feedback coming, we're looking forward to learning more about your requirements!

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Well Unity bought them and have an integration in progress so I imagined rather than battling workflows people might use amplify painter :P

Oh, that Graphine. gotcha! I was wondering if you were referring to the 3dsMax tools. I haven't kept up-to-date on their most recent work, are they working on painting related tools?

I don't know at all. But from what I can guess from insights I'd say no, more like procedural splatting, streaming and so on like we chatted about in 2015 when I was dumb enough to go for open worlds. It's pretty much a huge relief Unity owns Graphine now though... no worries.

So it's interesting what you're up to :p

Cool, makes sense, it's a good application for it. I remember that, crazy how things changed; we've actually thought about doing the painter a few years back but I'm glad we waited for the right time and the right team.


Fantastic, always wanted something like this in Unity.

Only had a brief chance to play around but would love to see:
- options to disable texture filtering on the material and brush(for low poly/stylised diffuse only painting would be very handy)
- option to always have the color picker and/or color palettes open
- ability to save/load color palettes
- ability to focus on a point and change the point of camera orbit(for now just seems to rotate at the center of the object)
- might sound sacrilege but I would truly love the option for zbrush style orbiting, ie just clicking on the background instead of needing to hold alt rotates. free me from my keyboard if I am just painting :p

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Awesome, hope you enjoy how it develops!
Feedback noted, we're definitely going to improve color handling and overall UI/UX, it's all quite temporary for now. Cool idea with the filtering, it could allow for some interesting results. Not sure about the camera movement, we're currently just mirroring how Unity works but we'll definitely look into it.


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A spoopy spooktacular Halloween to all Unity boys and ghouls out there!


Join us for the long holiday weekend, it's a FREE download!
Get it here: https://gum.co/AmplifyPainter


Would be great if the brush mask could be procedural, perhaps even using a shader made with Amplify Shader or something, with exposed parameters.

Also some effects for the layers like Blur.

Looks great so far.

Indeed, that's a great idea, I think you're going to enjoy the way we're going to handle burshes and FX.

You can already drag and drop shaders onto Smart Fill Layers but this will be improved.


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Pen pressure on osx is on the roadmap?

There is two ways to do pressure on osx the old way that is supported since 2017

and the new input system that has tilt and pressure support on mac coming in 2020.1

  • multiple objects painting, for painting decals for example over a house with different parts.

Yes, it will be available as soon as possible.

Yeah, I think that could be a really cool addition ;)

We will be posting details on what's coming next soon!


I haven't tested it out as yet, but I was wondering how possible would it be to build an unlit scene and paint in shadows and lights across the scene. Basically painting across various meshes.