Open Url in browser on button click

Hello I am new to unity .
I am developing an app in unity 3d .

Their is one functionality in which I want to open the weburl in browser through the game .
On completing the browsing if user wants to go back their must be one button .

On clicking that button the previous state of the game must open i.e. the state where the user clicks the button to go to that webpage.

How to accomplice this task .It must not be difficult.

I am using Application.OpenURL(); to open webpage .

Here it opens in browser and their is no way to go back to the state of the game…

Thanks …

If it’s an app for android or iphone, it’s fine. The devices pause the game when you go to another app, so when the user presses back, it goes back to the app as if nothing happened. You probably don’t actually want a button on your website that goes back. 1) There’s no point. The user can just go back to your app like normal and 2) as iwaldrop has said, it could compromise the security of your application.