Open Url without quitting game (iPhone)

From Stinkbot: showWebView: show a webview with a given URL. No need to quit the app and go to Safari to show a web page! Note: I have removed this from the current build until I can figure out a way to implement it for iPhone Advanced only; I don't want to step on Unity's toes.

Is such a feature still in the iPhone advance? Or now in both, or gone for good? It was listed in the features of the unity store, but not anymore. I loved that feature, I hate quitting the app to see other games of the company or news etc. little things like that.

Hey, I'm Stinkbot! That feature is in the Enhancement Pack 1.5, a third party add-on for Unity iPhone. It's not part of Unity itself. It creates a UIWindow with a UIWebView that displays the web site you specify. That way the user won't quit the game, unless they click a URL that gets handled by some other app (i.e. an app store link, or a tel: protocol handler, etc.)