Open Webpage from Unity3D Game?

Is it possible to use a Web browser window from opening Unity3D of view? In other words, Can you open it in a Unity3D project to create a hyperlink to a web page?


Per my comment to your question, I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do. There's no easy way to display HTML content in the Unity player (see this question). If you want your Unity content to open a browser and go to a specific URL, there's Application.OpenURL, which works in both standalones and webplayers. When using it in a webplayer, the docs state "the page the plugin is contained in will be redirected to the url." So if you want to open it in a new tab/window, use Cyclops' Javascript solution.

I'm assuming you want @burnumd's first option: Having Unity open up a new web page in the standard Browser. (If not, disregard this answer. :)

Unity does have functions for communicating with the Browser, such as SendMessage() and Application.ExternalCall(). By using ExternalCall(), you can call any Javascript function on your web page. So if you write that JS function to open a new page, then the effect will be as if Unity opened a new page in the Browser.

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in es new Window or Tab? how i can make it in detail

Hi I use this to open an e-mail but you can use it for web page (just like html) it opens in another window and will pause the game environment but they can click back.

function OnGUI () {

    if (GUI.Button (Rect (1,579, 597, 20), "Close", "button")) {
    print ("you closed the window");


Destroy (this);


But as i say it opens in an external window but may help you get started.

Does anybody know how to open a webpage in safari from a unity-iphone-scene?