Open World Map

Hi everybody,
I want to ask to this community if Unity 5 is the best game engine for developing an open world game, with a very big map and a lot of assets, because I noticed that sometimes also a small scene with few assets is very heavy for my computer (intel i7 and AMD HD 8000 series gpu) and i would like to develope this game for a big range of machines, also cheaper computers and not only i7 based.

If Unity is not the best software to do this, can you please suggest me an alternative?
Thanks in advance!

Unity can handle many assets and a big map on low end hardware. Things that can slow down unity are:

  • shaders
  • lighting
  • unoptimized code
  • inefficient use of materials


You should consider looking at the documentation for optimization.

Even AAA open world games like Skyrim use tricks to achieve the feeling of being in, well, an open world. None of those games keeps all objects in the scene at once, they do what is commonly called streaming, loading only those objects that are near the character and saving those taht get out of range.