Open World RPG Project

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Im here cause im in need to know how i do my project.
The project is an RPG with storyline and side quests.It need to be an open world game to make the game experience good. Im modeling in Blender and than my friend program in Unity.
Now what i need to know is: How we are supose to make an open world game? I model the world terrain then the trees and houses are objects? or i model everything on the map? and the programming is there any specific way to do this?

An exemple of what im talking about is Elder Scrolls(all of then) and WoW.

And NO the game map is not just an plane with trees and some rocks!

If you want to make RPG then you should first make small map whit few models and start whit programming...If you have most important scripts finished...then make the terrain and then add trees and houses and other objects...

ahh so its objects… hmm thanks! ill start it small xD make an Demo before keeping it to the real end.

If someone else have any advice or something important that helps in that project please say . and always remember that other people someday can need this.

show us your script maybe we can help

I do this:

Create terrain with hills and rock/snow peaks etc.
Then i add my models of the houses etc
Then the scripts