Opened my project and got a ton of kernal errors and missing dependency errors

So about an hour ago I was developing my project and everything was working smoothly. I sit down and open my project to see the viewer glitching out terribly with these red kernal errors spamming my console every time I moved my camera in the scene window.

I closed out and reloaded to get these errors:

I’ve reimported all assets and that did nothing, I reinstalled HDRP and nothing happened. But now my editor is just gray and unity is acting like all my packages are gone. I’ve done nothing to my project or files I just closed it earlier, reopened 1 hour later and my project is ruined… My scene had a total of 4 objects in it

Running Unity 2020.1.15f1 and HDRP 8.3.1

Okay soooo this was fixed when I looked at my installed packages I had a installation package configuration for HDRP 10… no idea whats going on with that. So I removed it and now my project is fine. But if I load in and then install it by clicking the button it installs for some version 10 and not my 8.3.1 Guess Ill go without.