Opened my project tonight, unexplainably old files have appeared, prefabs missing, and red errors.

The last time I opened my project I had been making great progress. I did not update Unity, however a few days later when I opened it red errors everywhere, sorting layers that are marked , old scripts I deleted ages ago back from the dead, scripts missing on prefabs that should not have any missing scripts or scripts that would be missing. I’m completely at a loss here. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I know this can happen when updating or with crashes but none of this happened.

I DID backup my project folder on an external the last time It was in working order. When I open my older file on my external the same thing happens (Sadly I think this could be due to me adding the folder and not thinking to delete the folder before backing it up). But even so I could relatively easily weed out and remove files I’m no longer using (I have not deleted my trash can so all of the assets and scripts I deleted are still in the trash I can pick them out one by one if need).

I’m also getting this message when I open the backed up project (this also happened with the current) "
GUID [b91d08d25667ba4498e78750d2ce2197] for asset ‘Assets/Prefabs/Level 1 Enemy D Vezel.prefab’ conflicts with:
‘Assets/Prefabs/Level 1 Enemy D.prefab’ (current owner)
Assigning a new guid."

I would really appreciate any insight here.alt text

Ultimately I’m not sure how this happened but because this wasn’t a crash or lost data, I had to basically go step by step, fix or recreate prefabs and references after finding all the duplicate or older assets and deleting them. It seems like many people have learned version control and backing up the hard way so I consider this a light scratch in comparison as it only took about 3 hours or worry and 2 hours of actually repairing the project.