OpenGL Camera.RenderToCubemap fails

I'm basicly using this script in forced OpenGL mode, and the line `cam.RenderToCubemap(rtex, faceMask)` always returns false.

  • Does Camera.RenderToCubemap always fail in forced OpenGL mode on PC Standalones, or does that depend on the GPU?

This function will return false if rendering to cubemap fails. Some graphics hardware does not support the functionality.

This is all information they provide (apart from you need Unity PRO). Do you have access to try this on other machines with other GPUs? It shouldn't be the hardware that fail since it works in DirectX (on the same machine?), possibly some driver/opengl issue. I hope someone sheds light on this for you.

The `Camera.RenderToCubemap()` in forced OpenGL is supported on some GPU's, depending on the model and the drivers.

So the correct usage would be to try rendering to a cubemap and if it fails (returns false), fallback to 6 camera shots using render targets and constructing a cubemap using `Cubemap.SetPixels()`.