opengl es setting for iOS

I have a grass on terrain. In unity editor, in “edit” - “graphic emulation” there is opengl 1.1 and opengl 2.0 options. when I set it to 2.0, grass show fine. but wen I set to opengl es 1.1, grass disappeares. That is OK. But now, I’m trying to build it for my iPad:
In player settings i’m setting armv7 platform, iPad only. And I cant see grass on my iPad. Am I doing anything wrong?
All I need is to display grass on iPad: no metter opengl version.

Check for grass and detail distance in terrain and just an advice, it is better to stay off of unity terrain on iOS until they make it work better. For grass disapearing, try to investigate shader in question [built-in one] and eventualy replace it for custom if you want.