Opening a local image from the memory

Hi! I need to show some images for an app that should be used without internet. So there is no option to show them in the browser from the internet.
Also I thought possible to show them with a textured plane with the image. But I found that it would be graet to have the possibility to enlarge the image to see the details.

So I got an idea, but not how to implement it. I think that probably its a good idea to show the image that is in the project (locally) with the browser (or the image gallery app??). I don’t know if this is possible or not.
It should be great that the solution works in iOS and Android.


You can use Resources folder and place your large images in there. Then when the user clicks the button to view the large image, call Resources.Load and store that image in the memory. Then you can view that image full screen by using OnGUI or a camera aligned Plane.