Openkit Facebook Leaderboard

Hey CommUnity!

I have been trying to incorporate a scoreboard for my mobile game. I’ve searched every part of the internet and Unity forums that I know of, and I’ve found every topic on this. So far, I’ve found they’re all incomplete and don’t provide sufficient help. So let’s figure out a solution!

I have a scores button. When you tap this button, you are prompted to allow access to your friends list (if you’re already logged in with the FB app on your phone. If not, you’re prompted to log in). Here’s where my first problem is:

My game doesn’t save Facebook Login.
So every time you click the scores button, you’re prompted to allow access again. I am using Facebook SDK and its standard functions for this. It functions fine running on Mac, but not when deployed to Android. This was a bug in an earlier verison of the Facebook SDK that has since been “fixed,” but I’m still seeing the problem. But if/when I get around this, here’s problem #2:

How do I initialize and display a leaderboard?
I am experimenting with Openkit SDK. It claims to be an easy-to-use cross-platform system for iOS and Android specifically for social leaderboards, but I’ve had no luck so far. All I’ve gotten when following their sparse documentation is my game crashing on loadup. Anyone have any better solutions?

I don’t think I’m asking too much, just to display the scores of your friends. A global leaderboard would be cool too, but let’s knock that out later.

I’m using a Mac, Unity Remote for Android (Samsung Galaxy S3), Facebook SDK and Openkit SDK.

Any help is much appreciated!

App42 Unity SDK allows a developer to save game score of a user and to maintain a leaderboard among the friends in Facebook and that too with global ranks.
This is a sample for saving Facebook user score and displaying leaderboard among Facebook friends and also showing the global ranks in a game.

Increase Engagement with Social Leaderboards in Unity and Facebook SDK