OpenURL not working on Android

Hi. My code below works perfectly in the editor, but on Android, it doesn’t work. I have a debugging plugin so that I can see log errors/warnings/messages on Android too.

This is my code for a very simple button:

IEnumerator FindUrl(WWW www)
	yield return www;
	// check for errors
	if (www.error == null)
		//Assign the data that was fetched to the variable answer
		string answer = www.text.ToString();

		yield return new WaitForSeconds(10f);


		// working		//Application.OpenURL("");

	} else {
		Debug.Log("WWW Error: " + www.error);


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {

	if(Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0)) {

		if(transform.guiTexture.HitTest(Input.mousePosition) && != "") {

			WWW get_www = new WWW("" + "" + "/viderestilling/305d8d3ac029427d8dfc53f4a88b8552"); 
			//Start the Coroutine
			print("" + "" + "/viderestilling/305d8d3ac029427d8dfc53f4a88b8552");



The answer string is a URL including http://
It is working perfectly in the Editor.
The browser is not opening on Android.

However, if I change the code to this:

It works on Android, but not when the URL is recieved from WWW.

How can this be fixed? Feel free to add this script to a GUITexture to see it in action.


Check the URL in the response. I guess the format of the URL must be incorrect. Check if there is http:// in your response?

I found the solution!

For Android it is important that you add “http://” in WWW.

//Not correct: 
string post_url = "";
WWW hs_post = new WWW(post_url);

string post_url = "";
WWW hs_post = new WWW("http://"+post_url);

In my example you must not add the “http://” to the string, because the WWW variable hs_post will cut it. You have to add it at WWW hs_post.

On android go to player settings and change internet access from auto to required. Otherwise it will work on windows but not android.