OpenVR Init flags


It is stated here and here that the HTC Vive controllers can be used without the headset if you change the hmdRequired parameter to false in the steamvr.vrsettings.json file (/config folder) and if you use a flag upon init:

VR_Init( &error, vr::VRApplication_Other )

Where is this function used? (I found the InitInternal function in the openvr_api.cs file, but can’t seem to find where it is used)

For the record, while I haven’t yet figured out which is the correct way of using the controllers without the headset, I found these flags to appear as:

OpenVR.Init(ref error, EVRApplicationType.VRApplication_Utility);

in the files:

  • SteamVR_PlayArea
  • SteamVR_RenderModel
  • SteamVR_Utils