OpenXR Add ExtensionString/Feature

So recently I noticed OpenXR added support for FOV and Display Refresh Rate so I started to invest some time into figuring out how to enable them and change values in runtime. So after a week of a full mental breakdown of not getting anything at all to even get called i started to question my ability of human being.
I could need some help to activate / enable this in my project:


I also noticed they needed to get a featureID of packages?
I really don't get where people can find those addresses. Etc: "com.unity.openxr.feature.example.intercept"
Unity OpenXR API is pure dogshit and not giving any clues how to implement a exentension call, they just drop changelogs with " Added 'XR_FB_YouWillNeverGetThis_vulkan' " i came to this amazing forum to finally get some pro help.

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i need help on timmy tag thats the name of my thing

I'm facing the same issue trying to reach XR_FB_display_refresh_rate on OpenXr.
(Anyway, at least your post made me chuckle :smile:)

Hey man! Just checking in here again, did you get this to work?

No, unfortunately I didn't

i found this MatanYamin.
Well they have it in changelogs but it doesnt work? GG unity