OpenXR depth submission on Android OpenGLES

I'm seeing something slightly unexpected (to me, at least!) on Android when switching from Vulkan to OpenGLES on OpenXR on both Quest and Snapdragon Spaces devices and am looking for some guidance.

When selecting a depth submission mode in the Unity settings on Vulkan, I successfully see the things I expect:

  1. a depth texture format selected in the logs
  2. XR_KHR_composition_layer_depth enabled at startup
  3. XrCompositionLayerDepthInfoKHR structs being chained to the XrCompositionLayerProjectionViews being submitted to the runtime

When doing nothing else except switching from Vulkan to OpenGLES, I no longer see any of these three things happening.

Does depth submission on OpenGLES happen outside the OpenXR context? Or is Unity looking for specific depth formats that might not be supported by these runtimes? Looking for any guidance that might help get this working! Thanks!

Hey @keveleigh_1 ,

Unfortunately, we do not have depth support for OpenGLES at the moment.

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Why doesn't they say anywhere in the docs?

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