OpenXR new features

OpenXR is great for cross platform development, but common features are not yet integrated. OpenXR does support the features, so it would be great if it will be added soon!

- Fixed Foveated Rendering (and Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering when eye tracking is better supported)
- Application Spacewarp for Android

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Hi @DevDunk ,

I have asked XR team regarding the features in question:
* Foveated Rendering
It is on the list of tasks to complete for OpenXR. There is no ETA yet.
* Spacewarp
Spacewarp is supported on Meta platforms by defining a OpenXR Feature and enable XR_FB_space_warp in OpenxrEntensionStrings.


AppSW is also now on Pico devices with their latest sdk, and pimax is looking into it as well

So changelog with: Added support for XR_FB_foveation, XR_FB_foveation_configuration, XR_FB_swapchain_update_state, XR_FB_foveation_vulkan and XR_FB_space_warp extensions.
Doesn't work at all to Quest? Foveation strings