Operator `&&' cannot be applied to operands of type `bool' and `Item'

Hey Guys, i have an Error in my Script and i hope you can help me…

It was in the first line:

if(hit.transform.tag == "Item" && distance <= 3 && hit.transform.GetComponent<DroppedItem>().item)
					Destroy (hit.transform.gameObject);

Before i had this Error i added this line : && hit.transform.GetComponent().item)

But Before i added this Line i had an Object Reference Error when i pick something up.

So, i don´t know further. Hope you can help me to fix this.
By the Way: It´s a Script to Pickup Items and DroppedItem is a Script.

Sounds like you want the condition to be:

if(hit.transform.tag == "Item" && distance <= 3 && hit.transform.GetComponent<DroppedItem>() != null)