Opinion about inserting some minigames in my main game.

I have an idea for a good game. The game will be 3D, will be rpg like, but the main action of the game will be completing some minigames like Quiz Games etc. The will be NPCs who will start those minigames when the player press a specific chat option…I have around 4 months to finish the project and my question is: What is the best way to introduce those minigames? Should I create them as different unity projects and start them from scripts or create them in the same project? I am new at Unity. Can someone give me an opinion about how should I put them?

Well, in my opinion, you would receive a better feedback on the Forum, but i guess asking here is okay too. Also, it would be kinda strange to buy a game and then realize there are like other games inside it. From my point of view, as it is a 3D Rpg, you could make a quest! Something like a Side-Quest that you can do everytime you like. You go to a place, talk with someone, and then choose the minigame you want and play it. If the Player receives any gold and exp, it’s your call.

If you want to know HOW to do this, it would be a little more complicated to explain, it depends on your game, but i can assist you if you want.

This question is really vague and should probably be in the forums as @Bryangs suggested.
But here is my opinion at the matter and maybe you will find it helpful.

There are several games which has successful minigames within popular games, look at The Witcher 3: Wild hunt’s Gwent card game. It is simple and easy to play, but it can be quite fun anyways.

You should think in the same direction, especially thinking of your time limit. Try something simple and easy to both create and play. Create a new scene and load it with a button click or entering a trigger. Try reaction based minigames, or click as fast as you can, memory games etc. Too much game logic and it might be too much work to fix and fine tune in your restricted amout of time.

There are no right or wrong answer here really.

You said you were new to unity to so here are some links that you should check out for some easy functions and basics in unity to get you started and might bring in some ideas.