opinion: free assets should be complete

opinion: free assets should be complete

I can't be the only annoyed by clicking and reading or accidentally downloading a free but not free asset.

I'm still on the starting leg of using Unity and all my assets are free (but won't be for long) but anyways, I still consider my time precious. I don't want to have to sift through thinly veiled advertisements.

I can appreciate free expansions for already paid for DLC but I think a number of these free assets
are simply advertising/bait. Also, I mean, can't those already paid for assets just be updated to include the
new models/features?

BTW is there anyway to disown an asset? I have a few I would like to return to sender.

I’ve used the asset store for a long time and I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you provide an example, maybe?

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This FREE (not my caplocks) asset requires the previous purchase of 2 other asset packs.

I had originally left a polite but 1 star review but after the the authors response and logic and after running into a bunch more of the same from other creators I removed the note and posted this thread instead.

I glanced at the description of the asset in question, and it says pretty early on that it requires two other assets to look like the screenshot.

You said in your initial post that you consider your time precious, and I whole heartedly agree. But do you consider the time of the artist who made this asset as precious as well?

Please reconsider your one star review as it really can hurt an asset store publishers ability to make a living from their art. If you don’t agree with their freemium model, that’s fine, but the description was clear that it required the other packages, and I don’t consider the asset creator at fault here. Also remember that not all asset publishers grew up somewhere with English as their first language.

On to your question about removing an asset from your purchased asset list, there is only a hide option. I use that to hide all my deprecated assets. It works well enough.

And to get to the root of your needs here, if you are looking for complete art kits that will help you prototype your games, Google for Kenny’s free game assets. They are legit 100% free and works well in all the Unity editor versions I’ve used so far. Great for prototyping and easy to swap out for real art when you are ready to do that.

Best of luck on your journey into game dev, just be careful not to leave scorched earth in your wake :slight_smile:


Oh, I hadn’t seen these before, but I’m thinking this type of asset is pretty rare. I don’t think these are really a problem, though, since it’s very clear in description about what it is.

I was under the impression that you were talking about some sort of deceptive assets where they advertised as free and then only tried to up-sell after you downloaded them. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s not possible to remove an asset that you own, but you can “hide” the asset. Then it will drop off your list unless go to view hidden assets.

I had already decided it wasn’t a fair decision and explained that in the last two posts. See, if you had read my reply carefully you would see the key words “initially” and “removed” from my post, but you didn’t and you ended up wasting you time, posting what is essentially a 1star review yourself. Ironic right?

Sometimes I code for like 10 hours or more a day and if I get on the asset store I can’t even properly read English either as well as bunch of other human failings like being easily annoyed having to wade through a bunch of FREE assets that are actually not.

I also am not trying to “call out” the particular creator of this asset, as he persuaded me that is unfair in his reply. Hence my review deletion before this thread was created.


To be honest, this isn’t a big deal, I think I was just frustrated at the time with what I was working on and and what I was trying to get done.