Opinion on Character Controllers?

I’ve read on several websites that the Unity Standard Assets character controllers aren’t exactly the best. Most of the reviews of it I’ve seen are actually pretty negative, but I’m still sort of unclear where that comes from. Are they really all that bad? A If they’re as ineffective as I hear, then I’ll go ahead and make a custom one I guess. And if anybody here is of the opinion that the included ones aren’t very good could you give me some concrete examples as to what’s wrong with the current ones so I can go ahead and make sure to avoid that myself if I were to make a new one? Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can lend on this topic.

This question is more suited to the forums, as it asks for opinions, of which there can’t be a “correct solution”.

I started twice to create my own rigidbody-based controller, but in the end I always came back to CharacterControllers. There is no simple way, if any, to prevent a rigidbody-based controller to not be pushed around by other rigidbodies, which leads to all sorts of gameplay problems. You also have to avoid making the player stick to walls when jumping, etc. These things are all already done with a CC. In the end, I would use a CC and only switch to a RB if the player really needs to be completely affected by physics, but this would only be the caase in a very particular kind of game where this physics-based behavior ir a major gameplay feature.