Opinions with reasons please: What VCS to use with Unity

Im at looking at starting my first multi-person Unity project soon, and I’ve been examining VCS options.

Without a lot of set-up and management pain there seem to be three options:
Unity Asset Server

I am familiar with Perforce as well as Svn, CVS and a bit of Git. I tried downloading and installing Plastic on my mac but it wouldn’t work. (Latest OSX).

For a team project, which of these solutions do people recommend and why? I know the option of an external system exists but that integration scares me some in terms of setup and maintenance, so you’;ld have to make a really good argument for me to consider it…

If you can afford the extra $500 per person for a team license, Perforce is definitely the way to go, mostly because you’re familiar with it, it has the best/official integration with Unity, and it does a very good job handling large binaries like game assets.

If that’s not an option, the SVN and GIT are both good choices, and NoseKills does a good job of talking about the differences. The main thing to watch out for with GIT is that every client stores all versions of all files, which can really add up if you have lots of big binaries that are changed frequently.