Optimal Database Design

Not exactly a unity question but going to ask anyway.

Working on a puzzle/speed game where I want to have 80-160 levels with store high scores for all of them and a little unsure on the best or most efficient way to setup the database. I only intend to store the highest score of a user in the database, not all of their highest scores.

I had a few different options in mind.

A) Single table

username/id (unique) | level1 | level2 | level3 | ... | level 160

B) Table for each level

username/id (unique) | level 1
username/id (unique) | level 2
username/id (unique) | level 3
username/id (unique) | level 160

C) Split into different worlds

username/id (unique) | level 1 | level 2 | level 3 | ... | level 16
username/id (unique) | level 17 | level 18 | level 19 | ... | level 32
username/id (unique) | level 33 | level 34 | level 35 | ... | level 48
username/id (unique) | level 145 | level 146 | level 147 | ... | level 160

I'd really like to know the advantages/disadvantages of each type. Specifically which would be the least effort on the server.

Obviously I'd implement them differently.

For A) Single table -I'd get all the highscores once when loading and only update every 30min or so.

For B) Table for each level - I'd probably only request when a specific score is requested.

For C) Split into different worlds - Just grab score once every 30min or so for each world that they are currently playing.

There is also one more thing I need to consider, and that is an overall highscore. ie. combined highscore from all worlds.

For A) that's easy to calculate off a single request or just have an extra field, but for B) and C) I'd either need to have another seperate highscore table (I think this would be preferable?) or request from every table.

So which of the three designs is the preferred approach?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I would have one table for 'users' which assigns a unique integer and can hold name, address, etc. Then a second table 'level_scores' would hold user_id, level_number, high_score and you can index that on user_id+level_number.