Optimization Help Please?

Okay so I’ve added occlusion culling, baked lighting, changed appropriate meshes to static, and swapped most of the standard shaders for the mobile shaders. In my current game, there are a few reflective surfaces that I’ve had to use the standard shaders for because I haven’t been able to find a mobile or performance optimal shader that can handle normals and reflections. Does anyone know a solution? I find the standard shaders aren’t very well optimized. Also, any further tips to increase fps would be appreciated. I’m targeting low end systems with integrated gpus but I’m trying to keep the graphics still looking fairly well.,Yep, So I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing my game. I’ve added occlusion culling, baked lighting, compression where possible, and also turned the appropriate meshes static. One step I took towards optimizing my game was swapping the standard shaders for mobile shaders and I was able to do this for all shaders expect for reflective ones such as a reflective floor and a mirror. I ended up baking the reflection probe for both and using normal maps to refract them. Does anyone know of a more optimal shader I can use to achieve this same affect? Also, any other tips for optimization would be appreciated.

The best tip anyone can gave to you is to use the Profiler.

There you can see a lot of useful stats, like memory usage, draw calls and more.

Also, you mentioned a lot about which shader to use, but are you using GPU Instancing when possible? Here is a link that includes even more tips for mobile optimization (from the Unity Forum):