Optimizing geometry

I'm trying to import models from Revit Architecture into Unity3D, but the FBX files imported are not very optimized geomtry

(see this sample: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4123/4804822886_e8277c1170_b.jpg )

Does anyone know any tips or techniques for reducing the imported model down to a more useful geometry for Unity? I've also been trying to optimize it in Maya, but haven't been able to find a command option that successfully reduces the model without crunching into a useless form.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

This mesh looks typical of a 'Boolean" operation victim. While the triangle count isn't outrageous you would get a cleaner model using a shell modifier and maintaining quads rather than a Boolean which results in those ugly triangles.

Here is a great tutorial on using the shell modifier to create architecture very similar to yours.


If you mean the selected wireframe in the image, it looks fairly optimised; certainly enough for it not to impact performance. I wouldn't worry about it, unless there is anything specific that's concerning you?

edit: in regards to optimising geometry, I would always recommend using your 3d modelling program rather than Unity.

I'd do something like this: And, yes, there are a lot of ways to retopologize your model. Try to search "retopology in /your 3d package of choise/". As far as I know there good tools for this in 3ds max, maya, zbrash. There is even a programm which is created solely for this purpose - to retopologize, the programm is called Topogun.