Option to disable Mirror Camera

A camera is created in editor called “Mirror Main Camera” that is connected to the volume camera. Having this camera makes playing in the editor difficult, since it doesn’t render anything useful. We are looking at the scene view while playing and only using the game view for input. Could the mirror functionality be removed or improved? And could it be optional?

The intent of the mirror camera is to show you our best guess of what will be included in the volume or immersive space on device. Because the replicated PolySpatial objects sit in a different layer, we use the culling mask on this camera to display only those objects. We don’t want to mess with the transform or properties of your scene camera(s) in case you have scripts to drive those things, or behaviors that would change if we messed with them in some way.

We also need this camera to point at PolySpatial objects for input in the Play Mode to work properly.

Do you have a sense for why this camera isn’t showing you anything? It should be set up to frame the scene in the same way as the existing Main Camera, but maybe your scene camera isn’t tagged as Main Camera? Is there something else unique about your scene? I think it’s reasonable to make this feature optional, but this also makes the editor “simulation” of replicated objects and input much less helpful, since you’d probably want to just hide the PolySpatial layer in this case, and simulated SpatialPointerDevice input wouldn’t work.

In our case there’s no connection between the main camera and what’s shown in the volume. So if the mirror camera is trying to frame the scene like the main camera does, it wouldn’t tell us anything about what’s included in the volume. Also, the objects that are rendered by the mirror camera are the replicated PolySpatial objects that are placed and scaled differently than the objects the main camera is normally rendering, so I’m not sure how that would work.

I’m happy to provide an example of this when we get on the other side of Feb. 2. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the intent is to actually position the mirror camera where the main camera would be in “polyspatial space.” But it sounds like your scene isn’t quite set up as we would expect (or there’s some bug in how we determine this location). Totally understand having to wait till next week. Take your time, and let us know how we can help. Good luck! :slight_smile: