Options for RagDoll on rigged models, too many options

I’m seeing a number of solutions for this, but thought I’d ask which people prefer.
My main enemies need to react when running into things or being hit. I previously did this with independent parts, rigged with angle limited free joints and a weighted rigibody on each limb. Basically if they smack into a wall, their arms and legs flop around a bit. Relly simple. They also flew apart with any real force applied, sooo, now they are solidified ,meshes with an armature.

I see URG, jiggleBones, Unity Wizard and many other options, including stringing them together ones self. The model I am producing now is the final cut, so I need to try and use the right solution the first time…

So, regardless of time and effort invested, what has produced the best(most polished) results for you? Are there any tutorials you’d reccomend for unity and ragdoll mechanics?

I found that just turning the animator off and adding any amount of random rotational force did the trick just fine.