Options menu errors

Hey guys!

I just typed this up earlier but it’s giving me errors, I’ve tried following what it says (or at least what I think it’s saying) in the console but to no luck.

It didn’t format properly with the built in bit so here is a link: Options Menu - Pastebin.com

The errors are:

*Directory/Options.js(14,66): BCE0044: expecting ), found ‘{’.

*Directory/Options.js(20,66): BCE0044: expecting ), found ‘{’.

*Directory/Options.js(23,13): BCE0044: expecting EOF, found ‘{’.

Thanks in advance!

You are missing one closing bracket in every if statement. (just like your error message tells you)

if (GUI.Button (Rect (330, 70, 100, 20, "Full Size"))

should be

if (GUI.Button (Rect (330, 70, 100, 20, "Full Size")))