Optomization for mobile

I am making a unity application to be run on mobile phones. I have written a script that creates a wall of 6000+ individual bricks. I’m using the gyroscope so you can then look around the environment by moving your phone around. The problem is that it runs choppy as you look around for the first time. Once you’ve looked at everything it seems to cache the environment and then it runs smoothly.

How can I optimize my file so it runs better on a mobile phone? All the advice I’ve read so far has to do with things that begin in your scene. My bricks aren’t created until the program runs.

A common technique is to preload assets immediately after the scene is constructed by quickly spinning the camera around. Alternatively, you could move all objects into view for a single frame, then move them back. This process can be covered up with a loading screen - as long as all assets fall within the camera’s view frustum for at least a single frame, they will be moved into memory.