"Or" operator or random

I’m trying to play a random sound from 5 or nvm how much ones, but dont mind how it should work.
I’ve tryed to use “||”, but no results:

audioSource.PlayOneShot(sound1 || sound2, 0.7F);

also, I’ve tryed to manipulate with Random, but didnt get my aim.
Help me please.

Here’s some pseudo code for you:

Have a public array of all your sounds
Select a random index
Play the sound in that index

Something like this:

public AudioClip[] Sounds;  //assign all your sounds here

void PlayRandom()
     int rand = Random.Range(0,Sounds.Length);
     audioSource.PlayOneShot(Sounds[rand], 0.7f);

hello, have all the audios in a list or in a array, create a random from 0 to the numberofclips and put use that cllip. example

audioSource.PlayOneShot(listOfClipds[Random.Range(0, listOfClips.Count)], 0.7f)

The other answers are great but in the interest of keeping things tidy and readable, here is a neat self contained function that works with any type:

static T PickRandom<T>(params T[] options) {
	return options[Random.Range(0, options.Length)];

You can use it like this:

audioSource.PlayOneShot(PickRandom(sound1, sound2), 0.7F);