Orbit camer while paused?

I have a pause menu for when i press escape and it freezes the time.scale but the camera continues to orbit and so the direction is weird when i un-pause it so i was trying to do this...

function PauseGame() {
    savedTimeScale = Time.timeScale;
    Screen.lockCursor = false;
    guiTexture.enabled = true;

    // i add the line directly below this to try and disable the camera orbit but it 
    // did not work. do you know a way i can put a line in that would do what that?
    transform.Find("Camera").OrbitCamera = false;
    Time.timeScale = 0;
    AudioListener.pause = true;
    if (pauseFilter) pauseFilter.enabled = true;
    currentPage = Page.Main;


When you set timeScale to 0, the update of all objects is still being called. So anything you're moving by a fixed value not affected by time, is still going to carry on happening.

To get your camera to stop orbiting you could:

1) Change your rotation script to use deltaTime, or

2) Check in your Camera's Update if timeScale == 0 and bail out.