Order or Sort list of files using DirectoryInfo

I am using DirectoryInfo to get the files in a directory and list them with GUILayout.
How do I sort the orders by date created?
I think I may have found the answer through this link but I have no idea how to apply this solution?


scrollPosition = GUILayout.BeginScrollView (scrollPosition);
 var info2 = new DirectoryInfo(Application.persistentDataPath);
 var fileInfo2 = info2.GetFiles();
 for (file in fileInfo2) {
 if (file.Extension == ".sav"){ 
 if (GUILayout.Button (file.Name, "selectiontext" )) {
 tempFile = Application.persistentDataPath+"/"+file.Name;
 tempFileName = file.Name;
 Loadconfirm = true;
 if (GUILayout.Button ("-Delete-", "deleteX")) {
 tempFileName = file.Name;
 tempFile = Application.persistentDataPath+"/"+file.Name;
 Delconfirm = true;
    // End the scrollview we began above.
    GUILayout.EndScrollView ();

import System.Linq;


  var fileInfo2 = info2.GetFiles().OrderBy(function(f) { return f.CreationTime; }).ToArray();