Organize the hierarchy a bit more?

As of now my hierarchy window is full of the same type of object tons of times, is there a way to “organize” this so I can hide some of these without deleting them? Because as of now its an eyesore to see tons of “wall” objects in my hierarchy. Thanks!


Yes you can Select the items you want in the hierarchy, if you want to select multiple press shift and click from one obj in the list to another, that will select all the objects from the one you clicked to the last one you clicked. Or hold down command on mac, (not sure on windows), Then move your mouse in to the SCENE View, and tap the f key, this will focus on the obj(s) and then go to the top menu bar of unity and click on (GameObject>Create Empty) AND then rename it what you want, and drag ALL those item(s) into that empty game object.

Hope that helps,