Orientation Issue 1

Hi everybody. First time posting. I’m creating a game similar to the 3D roller ball tutorial, but I would like to add in the function of changing your camera angles so I can maybe hide some items and the player will need to rotate the camera to see around corners. I’ve added 3 other cameras, and set them around my character to give me a 360* view. My question is this - is there a way for me to change the orientation of my player so that when I switch to another camera, my player’s orientation switches with it? Currently, when I switch to a different camera, my players orientation stays the same, so hitting UP now actually makes my player go RIGHT because he’s using the original orientation input.

This looks fantastic! thank you so much for the quick response. I’m still very much a beginner of C#, but I think I can translate what you said in text into code. I’ll be giving this a try tonight. You rock :slight_smile: