orienting a rotated object

I hope someone understands what I am trying to achieve with this. Can you please explain how to get this object to orient itself to match its direction of movement. Im sure its a very simple thing. As the unity physics engine brings it down , it should orient itself tip first. So the local y axis as pictured should rotate in the direction of movement.

I think its rotation might be a bit confusing, but I need it like this. When it launches It flies exactly in the direction where the local y axis is pointing (as shown in the picture).

I don’t want to add any empty GameObjects or anything like that. I want my script to be attached to this GameObject exactly how it is, and using its current rotation as pictured.

One possible solution (I didn’t test this with rigidbody or physics, only with transform, but idea should be ok):

rb.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(rb.velocity.normalized, Vector3.up) * Quaternion.AngleAxis(-90, Vector3.right);

rb is the Rigidbody of the object and rb.velocity.normalized is the direction of the movement.
The -90 degree additional rotation around the x-axis is there to make the y-axis as objects temporary forward axis.

Hope you get it working.