Orthello example problem


I run the orthello shooting example in Unity4, and click left mouse to shoot, there thrown the following exception:
UnityEngine.Transform.set_localPosition (Vector3 value)
OTObject.set_position (Vector2 value) (at Assets/Orthello/Standard Assets/OT/_Base/OTObject.cs:970)
CExample3.Update () (at Assets/Orthello/Examples/3 - Shooting Asteroids/CExample3.cs:174)

but in Unity3.5, everything is OK.

I down the newest orthello(2.6.1), the problem still exist, any helps will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you didn’t change anything, this looks like the new unity broke something in Orthello. You might have better luck finding help by asking about it on this thread.

Thank Bamboy, the newest Orthello has solved this problem, thanks Orthello!