Orthographic 3D

If one were to make a game like GardenScape or HomeScape in Unity3d, do you think the scenes with the puzzle should be made separately in 2d scene view, and the renovation scene with the garden or home, made in a 3d scene view?


The entire game should be made in a 3d scene view with an camera and scene set to orthographic, making it an orthographic 3d project?

I would like your opinion on this, how can one make such a 3d game in Unity3d?,When you look at a game like HomeScape or GardenScape, I wonder if it were to be created in Unity3D, if the scene with the match 3 will be separate (done in 2d scene view) from the Garden or Home scene(which is obviously in 3d)?

Or if all scenes will be in 3d but with an orthographic camera, giving it that bird eye view?

What do you guys think?

  1. Yes, both meta game and main puzzle game should be separate scene
  2. Both scene are 2d view, in meta game characters are 3d but decoration view are isometric sprites

Home these makes clear!