Orthographic camera "cutting off" part of the frame

So I’m having some issues since I moved my camera to orthographic. The viewpoint is a LOT closer to what I am looking for but I am much more familiar with working with perspective cameras. I’m having an issue where the lower 20-25% of my camera is just never seen my my orthographic camera. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here’s one!

the bottom is gone!

I am assuming this is an issue with the positioning of my camera. I’ve noticed that if I end up increasing the Y value the angle of the camera changes and it seems to catch everything. My real issue is that the below perspective is pretty close to the perspective angle I am looking to get however it ends up cutting off a lot of my enviroment. Any help is MOST appreciated. I’m going to go ahead and also post my camera settings so you guys could take a look at those if need be.

cam settings

Here’s the entire contents of the script managing the camera in case you want to take a look at that and see if there are any issues in there

You could try adjusting the clipping panes, it might give you a result

So after a few hours of messing around with it I found that it had to do with Y distance. I’m not going to pretend to totally understand how this works but I am assuming since the camera has no “perspective” on the world changing the Y value does nothing to effect the perspective of objects but it does effect what falls into the orthographic FoV of the camera. So by moving the camera back say 25 Vector units on Y and then making that value consistent across all Vector values of that Vector3 everything seems to work exactly as I want it to!