Orthographic Camera is distorting my sprites?

Alright, so I am using a sprite with the new 2D system and it looks fine in the Scene: http://imgur.com/6DLr9Kv

However, when I go into game view, there is some strange distortion: http://imgur.com/1IpnyqI

Is there a way to prevent the camera from causing these distortions via code or some setting? The distortions only affect the sprites in lines and the lines of distortion seem to be static on the screen and equally spaced.

Edit: Update for side-by-side and clarification: http://imgur.com/XaxbcK5

try changing the import option for filter mode to point

This is just kind of a sanity check, because I saw something similar before realizing what was happening: is the game view actually large enough to hold the full resolution of your game? It might be squishing the viewport, which could cause that sort of effect.

Just in case! :smiley: