Orthographic Camera / Render Texture / Simple Water not displayed

I have prepared a simple mini-map orthographic camera. It renders to a rawimage on a canvas. Everything works just fine except for displaying simple water. The display presents a hole in the terrain where the water is located. I have resorted to turning off the water layer in culling at this point, but that can’t be my best option. I have tried a variety of things. I have attempted to use a perspective camera, but that doesn’t change anything except that the shadows of flying things in the view of that look-down camera are distorted compared to the orthographic camera (birds, helicopters, etc.), I mean, the holes in the terrain persist. I have dicked around with depth of field and all sorts of other voodoo, but I would rather rely upon your knowledge and experience than beat around in the dark any longer. Thank you for your help.

I have the same issue, does anyone know the solution?


I found a solution, which I found here:

2nd post discusses changing the texture format (In my case, Color Format). What worked for me was changing it from “ARGB32” to “RGB11110 Float”.