Orthographic camera size question

I’m a bit confused on ortho camera size. The manual says it’s half the size of my scene vertically. I have a plane that is 1 unit wide and .75 units tall. I want that to just fit the height of my screen. Manually found ortho size of 3.8 works for that. Implying my scene is 7.6 meters tall. Not .75 meters tall. ???

The vertical half size defines the distance from the center of the field of view to the top in world units.

If you’ve got a half-size of 3.8, then it should be 3.8 units from the center of the screen to the top.

If you’ve got a plane that’s 0.75 units tall, it shouldn’t take up the whole space; make sure you haven’t got any scaling on it I guess, and make sure (this is a no brainer, but I guess it’s worth saying) you’ve actually set both:

 cam.orthographicSize = (float) height;
 cam.orthographic = true;

Or modified the settings in the editor.

…but it sounds like you’ve got a scale factor of 10 on the plane. shrug