Orthographic Camera

Hi, Is this correct, I have an orthographic camera to fit a 3:2 ratio, I have a plane with a picture on it set at a size of X 1.5, Y 1.0, Z 1.0 and the orthographic camera with it’s size set at 5 and it fits perfect.

What I’d like to know how would I set the orthographic camera to fit a 16:9 ratio (1136 x 640) ?

Am I right in saying I’d change my plane to a size of X 2.0, Y 1.125, Z 1.125 to get it to fit 16:9 but what about the orthographic camera ?

As long as the image/plane you are trying to display has the same aspect ratio as the viewport, you should be able to fit it to the camera by changing the orthographicSize appropriately. According to the specs, the orthographicSize “is half of the vertical size of the viewing volume.”