Orthographic environment with Interface

Hello everyone! I’m making a game where first I should have a screen of an environment with orthographic view and a scroll able list of images of my characters at the top left. Now what I want is when I click on any of the images of my character, it creates a game object of that character and then I can place that character at any place in my environment with the help of drag and drop and camera movement. I can actually make this environment with camera view and list of my characters but I don’t know about the rest. You can think of “commandos” game as an example where there is environment with orthographic view and character of images at top left of the screen. Any suggestions!

First off you can use Instantiate() to bring your character into the screen. You can use raycasting to get the spawn position and also when you’re dragging the character around:

Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition);

For sake of simplicity you could also make the character icon be a UI Button that runs the Instantiate function and disappears when it’s pressed.

Hope that helps,