osx vs. xp

Huh, do you kow what's really scary?!

I like my xp system as it works quite well but if you come to a xp machine which has a internet connection and no one has taken care of since some time...holy cow this is a mess.

Now if only leopard would come with a reasonable finder!

A still shocked,


What exactly do you mean? Not sure I'm following you.

My personal opinion of OS X on my Intel iMac is that it is disappointingly unstable. Safari and Firefox crash nearly every day, and I've had several system lock-ups in the 3 or so months I've had it. I won't even talk about the not-so-Mighty Mouse, but even things like resuming from the screensaver has caused a crash. Big change from when I used Mac's in the 80's and early 90's. My Mac Quadra AV -never- crashed or locked up.

My experience with Windows (including XP Pro) is that on some machines (like my aging Athlon XP box) it's as solid as a rock. I can't remember the last time I had a crash or had to reboot. Vista, on the other hand, scares me. I really don't have any reason to upgrade except that the forces of M$oft will probably dictate it in the not so distant future.

My experience with Linux (Ubuntu, Knoppix, and Debian) was about the same as OS X, the difference was that it was easier to get out of a crashed application and I didn't have to pay for the OS.

IMHO, the only reason I continue with OS X is Unity...

What exactly do you mean? Not sure I'm following you.

My osx system is quite stable. Honestly i don't know if it's more or less stable than my pc so i don't really care. It just works for me - mostly, hopefully :O)

If i would like to crash it it's quite simple. Just open some stuff which uses more than 32MB of VRAM and a few clicks here and there later boom it freezes

My mac is the old G4 mini Mac with which i'm quite happy beside of the bad gfx card, no audio in and only two usb2 ports. But beside of this it's a nice machine as i also do use my IBM keyboard and a logitech mouse - which i only can use in a seperate usb2 port otherwise it's won't get detected correctly. wink to Apple

I also don't use Firefox and Thunderbird like on XP as Safari and Mail is good enough for me on this machine. I like the red mark in the mail program which informs me that a new mail has been arrived.

I just had some stuff to do on a pc which was turned off since some time and so a) update virus stuff, b) lot's off M$ updates which lead to a unstable system. I was told the system was stable before and it seemed that the M$ updates weren't in sync with the drivers installed so bang boom bang crashes until i got to update the rest of the drivers too.
I haven' noticed getting unstable in such a manner on osx till now. If you leave the machine alone and there come some Apple updates it still works. Obviously a single objective case but i just got through this.

I'm really looking forward to Vista as theoretically it should get some really nasty things out of the world. Linux, well it's Linux. I haven't found a single distribution till now which made me really happy. It doesn't matter if it was Suse, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Chaotix,...

I'm hoping for that Vista will be nice or that Leopard will come with a useful finder instead of too much gimmicks on board.

It looks like 2007 will be an interesting year regarding OSs and computer hardware too if you've read that Intel is on a good track with 45nm process and Apple might come out with a headless cube maybe?!

Sounds to me like you have some hardware issues.

I really like my mac because of how the os is set up and it is very stable. The filesystem on my brother's windows laptop he has for school makes me cringe. I think apple has gone the right way but forgotton to polish the system and give enough options. I almost never get crashes, but here is a list of things that make me wish osx was less arrogant:

The first thing my parents did when they got this computer (their first computer with osx) is delete image capture and iphoto because they were jumping up in our faces when we tried to import pictures and we couldn't find the way to turn them off.

Even though every user on our computer is an admin, permissions are like a slap in the face with a spiky poison soaked steel plate, and there is no reall way to avoid the problems they cause except to only have one user or have each user have his own copy of everything. They almost got my parents to look for an alternative OS.

Spotlight is wonderful, except that I am waiting 1-10 minutes for it to search for each letter I type in. It is faster to just go through the folder hierarchys.

Itunes is obese bloatware. I have to turn it off to test my games at more than 10 fps.

If an ipod is plugged in, itunes won't shut off. I quit it, it starts again. I force quit it, it starts again. I turn off "start up when ipod is plugged in", quit it and guess what? It starts up again. This almost made my throw my computer out the window.

Sounds horrible but I would much rather not have to deal with windows.

Sounds to me like you have some hardware issues.
:lol: You're kidding, right?

M$oft might be able to get away with that (and believe me I've gotten that as a response from them many times in the past), but Apple? Since I'm running Apple's latest OS on one of their latest machines, I sort of think that makes it an "Apple" issue.

The fact that there are now two types of Apples, PPC and Intel, doesn't make things any better either. I wonder just how "universal" a Universal Binary really is? Incidently, in the few minutes between my last two posts, Flash 8 Pro crashed my iMac...

He probably meant "looks like your machine is broken". Try to get Apple to replace it?

I wonder just how "universal" a Universal Binary really is?
It's a simple concept really. It's just two separate executables (Intel and PPC)stuffed inside one. That makes them larger of course, and it would not easily scale to much more architectures, but the concept is simple.

He probably meant "looks like your machine is broken". Try to get Apple to replace it?
You really think it could be that my almost brand new iMac is broken? I hadn't thought of that, I just assumed it was the nature of things since it's been like that from the beginning.

It's always possible that in all that perfectly functioning hardware there's some bad RAM or something. Little glitches in RAM have caused the great majority of stability problems I've seen over the years.

For my part, OS X hasn't crashed on me in years. Most of my problems come from my old DVD drive; however I hardly ever use this.

Hmm... I added a 3rd party 512mb RAM stick to my iMac, so I bet Apple will blame that. Any way to test for RAM problems on a Mac?

Edit: Now that I think of it, I had the same problems before I added the RAM and part of the reason I bought the extra RAM was that I was hoping the crashing was caused by insufficient RAM.

That has to be a hardware issue. We have a lot of different Macs and have been using them through many OS updates. And I've never seen anything like this.


At the moment I only have one problem with OS X, most concretely with Safari. I can't see videos that require que quicktime plugin in Safari, it starts to skip frames, and it's kind of stupid because it works with Firefox! So, every time I have to see some movie I copy the url and open Frefox...

Here we go again :cry:

I just ran the "Hardware Test" (reboot with DVD 1 and press "d") and my iMac locked up. I called Apple Care and they said that I'm 20 days past my 90 days of phone support, and I also just learned that the 1 year Apple warranty is parts only, I would have to pay for any labor or diagnostics.

For anyone who may not remember my earlier posts, this is my 2nd iMac (the first wouldn't eject a CD-ROM) and it looks like I'll need to get a 3rd now... So much for Apple's superior products, huh? :x

FWIW, the only real issue my 2+ year old G5 ever had or has is that my second hard drive sometimes doesn't respond when waking from sleep, so I have to reset the machine. I think Safari has crashed on me once, ever. After using OS 8.6/9.2 for quite a few years at work, I can say with 100% certainty that OS X is far, far, far more stable and better in pretty much every way. :) Also I used a XP machine at Thanksgiving and I know exactly what Taumel meant by his first comment....


... well it seems to me the biggest problem with Apple products is Apple itself. I had to jump through hoops of fire to get a replacement for my first dead iMac, and it appears that Apple Care*less* is going to make me jump through hoops of fire again to get my 2 month old replacement iMac fixed.

In nearly 30 years of industry experience, my worst experiences have all been with Apple these past few months. In fact, the only companies who were as bad as this all went bankrupt long ago.

Sorry for the rant, but to have to go through this twice now in just over 90 days is getting the better of me. I'm in the middle of a project, my hard drive is half full with project files, and I'll have to spend the next day or two backing up to DVD, then wait a week or so for a replacement, then spend a day or to restoring everything, -and- have the pleasure of paying Apple to repair my under warranty iMac.

Sorry, but that ain't great service in my book.

That is bad. I have AppleCare so I did not know about the paying for labor, etc. Just curious, I seem to remember you were not in the U.S. Is that correct? It may almost be cheaper for you to get the 3 year AppleCare, then they would cover everything. You must be a Lemon Magnet for Apple products. Perhaps they should hire you for quality testing.

For back up, if you have an external drive I would just use that.

Thanks ifrog, but as far as I know Hawaii is still part of the US (otherwise, could please I get a refund for all that tax I've been paying?) 8)

It's $169 to get AppleCare, which I may have to do, but it sure sucks that I have to pay to get service on a machine that a) is a replacement for a dead one, b) only 110 days since I first bought it and c) still under [rotten]Apple's worthless "warranty". I had similar problems with a Sony Vaio about a day before it's 1 year warranty was up. They shipped me a brand new machine, no questions asked.

The big issue for me at the moment is what it will cost me to backup all my data. I don't have an external HD and I've got about 46 GB of data. Haven't found any software that will backup to DVD, so add another $200 to the bill for an external drive...

So David, how's that Windows port of Unity coming along?

Not to lecture, but you should be doing that anyway, computer problems or no computer problems. It's a rule that hard drives fail at the worst possible time, no matter what type of computer you're using.... You want to make backups as quick and painless as possible so you do it frequently, which rules out using DVDs. (Though I still backup to DVD every few weeks with the really important stuff in addition to using two hard drives daily, just to be really really sure.)


Actually all my data and project files are backed to CD/DVD and I have copies of all my applications on CD. In grand total, everything is on a couple dozen CD's/DVD's. I just hadn't planned on completely re-installing all my applications and data twice in less than 90 days.

This *pain in the eye*Mac is the only Apple product here, otherwise all our PC's are backed up to a mirror drive on a regular basis.

I was thinking about getting a Macbook Pro, but I'm having second thoughts on that now...

I would wager that the origional stick of ram was dodgy. We have 5 imacs at school, and to be honest, they look pretty on the outside, but....

Theres one brand new one in particular that was an absolute sh@#$%er, and replacing the ram helped some, It is still crap, and every time I use it it beachballs, but swapping the factory supplied ram made it usable.

My G4 733mhtz Quicksilver runs better than the school Imacs...
Pete and I both endorse them solidly, and you can upgrade Ram, HD, Videocard etc...Ay Pete?
So if your strapped for cash, a step backwards in technology and spending is actually a step towards proven reliability. However the cpu will struggle with complex physics I believe. Try and send the ram back with a "This is dodgy, Please replace"letter.