Other scenes influencing performance ?


i am kind of confused about my performance of my game on iphone. It has solid 30 fps, when i am testing the game scene. But when i add all scenes, mainly the one with high scores where i use some WWW to send and get scores it drops framerate to like 23/24 fps in game scene. Only connection between those scenes is playerPrefs variable storing the score in game scene and sending score in the score scene.

I am realy confused about this as i thought other scenes should not influence performance of other scenes.

Thanks for any help.


Existant but unloaded scenes only affect the storage space of your device but not it’s memory, your bottleneck should be elsewhere.

This doesn’t sound right. Maybe you start some long running processes in one of your “extra” scenes? Initialize some static variables that affect other scene?

The only thing I could think of is that if your scenes are huge and somehow they use up all memory then other scenes perform worse because of lack of the memory.

Otherwise I would try to find the problem on your side.