Other Ways of Parenting/Combining Objects

I made a level of some platforms with rocks on them. By mistake I’ve placed them as separate objects. So if I make a platform move the rock on that platform won’t move at all. I forgot to parent the rock but I’ve got a way too long list in the hierarchy so it would be quite a hassle to move the rock through the huge list into the platform aaaand most platforms got the same name. Is there an easy way to combine these objects without renaming them?

You might try a simple script with [ExecuteInEditMode()], a Find() to get all your rocks, and a transform.parent = platform.transform kind of thing.

Thanks people, you’re awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer, people! Syclamoth, could you explain a bit more please? You gave a great idea but if you provide a little bit more detail that would be awesome! :wink:
Berenger, sounds cool!