Out of memory during build

I’ve faced a problem today. I’m developing a mobile application (iOS / Android) and have lots of resources in Resources folder. Today I’ve added a pack of resources (large files, some of them in retina resolution) and my project stopped building. It crashes with “out of memory” error (checked on MacOS, Windows). No matter how much RAM do I have - it stoppes growing at about 2.9 Gb and then crashes. I’ve tried to build iOS project and windows standalone.

My scene in empty (a pair of cameras and nothing else). All my texture sizes are power of 2.

I’ve searched for a solution by didn’t find any.

What I found out is that Unity can’t use more than 3 gigs of RAM. And the only workaround I’ve found is to pack resources in asset bundles. Is it true? Is it possible to use these bundles just from code, without need to download them?

Did anyone successfully solve this issue?

For anyone cares - the problem was that I had plenty of sprites that were not directly used (they were needed onky fir atlas build) And Unity tryied to repack all of them before build, no matter than it didn’t need them.

So, I’ve simply copied the project and deleted all sprites from it and build went ok.