out of memory when creating a build

hi, since upgrading to the latest version of Unity3D every time I create a build I get the message `Fatal error! Out of memory! UnityEditor.HostView:OnGui()` My project has not increased significantly in size since the upgrade and I happened to increase physical memory on my machine only days after the problem started. Now, is this a (known) bug of the latest version, or is this something I can adjust somewhere in Unity?

Do you have pro? I found some similar matches when I searched for this problem. How large is your project? It seems some people are able to work around this with asset bundles after a bit of reading. I am sorry I can't offer you much more help - I haven't personally hit this limit yet. Since Unity is 32 bits application it can't utilize a ton of memory, so going beyond 4 GB doesn't seem to help a bit (yet).