Outdoor Use of Vision Pro

I know that Vision Pro is currently being promoted for indoor use. However, I am curious what happens if you actually take the glasses outdoors.

Does world tracking still work reliably if you’re walking around with them, say like 1km, and then come back to the original location?

As far as I know, the glasses lack a built-in GPS chip, but can be coupled to an iPhone. How well does this work? And how do the glasses know about their orientation in the world? I guess they don’t have a compass either?

Did anyone already experiment with these type of outdoor scenarios?

Given the restrictions and security on the dev kits, it’s unlikely anyone has tested. Maybe on the Apple campus. You can’t even have open windows when using device, let alone going outside. ;).

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Oh, I knew from a Telco provider that they are that restrictive if they haven’t released a new phone yet. Wasn’t aware it’s the same level for a device they already publicly announced. Thanks for the info.